What is Wechat Mini Program?

As of July 2018, WeChat has 1 billion active monthly users with more than 100m of them outside of China. More and more businessmen and marketers are exploring the way to promote their product on WeChat to gain exposure. WeChat Mini program became the hottest topic among marketers since it was introduced on January, 2017. Some predicted says the WeChat Mini program might well change the current mobile application market that is dominated by the App Store.

Branded WeChat Mini Program Store Design Australia

What are WeChat Mini Programs?

It is a WeChat ecommerce store application supported by WeChat that can be used without downloading or stalling. Users can simply scan the QR code or search to open the mini program. Users can open mini programs by swiping or searching and do not have to worry about installing too many apps. Mini programs will be ready to use, with no need to install or uninstall.

For developers, the threshold for developing mini programs is relatively low, and it is not as complicated as developing an app. Mini programs can satisfy basic applications, and are suitable for offline service shops and low-frequency applications. It can realize seven functions including message notification, offline code scan, and linking WeChat public account.

Main advantages of WeChat Mini Programs:

Branded WeChat Mini Program Store Development Australia

  1. No need to download.
    Mini Programs are verylight, and there is no need to download them to your phone. You can access them anywhere, anytime, and if you no longer want one of your Mini Programs, all you have to do is delete it from WeChat. It’s as simple as deleting a message.
  2. Rich in functions and easy to use
  3. A large number of existing and potential users, with over 900 million monthly active users as of Q1 2017.
  4. For mini program developers, promotion is easier and more cost-effective than developing apps.


  1. Do not have the full functionalities a normal app has
  2. The availability is restricted in China
  3. Cannot be shared on users’ WeChat timeline (called “WeChat moments)
  4. Updates have to be submitted to Tencent
  5. Only work within WeChat (while a traditional web-App works on any browser)

What Does the Future Look Like For Mini Programs?

WeChat Mini Program Design Australia

From the perspective of the development of WeChat, the development prospect of WeChat mini program is very good, and with the continuous advancement of technology, many functions will be developed, so many current demands will be realised. In the future development process, WeChat mini program and WeChat will achieve better connections, and users will find it more convenient.

In the future development process, WeChat mini program will be more convenient and faster, and the channels for registration and certification will be more and more convenient. At the same time, cooperation with third-party platforms will be further strengthened. If third-party development platforms can be opened, then it will provide greater support to WeChat mini program. With the improvement of the WeChat mini program, developers of WeChat mini programs will be able to obtain greater permission support, so the potential of WeChat Mini program is huge.

Our Features

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For Brand Owners:

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WeChat Mini Program Store Design Australia

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