Understanding Landing Pages

Understanding Landing Pages

As a business owner, you already know that once someone clicks on your ad you’ve already caught their attention. They are interested in what you’re offering, but what do you do from there? Landing Page is the Key Once someone is interested in what you are offering, a landing page is crucial. Whether you want this landing page to bring the potential customer to a product page, contact us page, about page, etc., it is important to utilize this tool. What to Keep in Mind When potential people first get to your website, they will make a quick overview and decide if they want to stay on the page or not. Studies have shown that there is only a few seconds to prove to the customer that they should stay. Ask yourself the following questions about your page:

  • Does your page offer what you promised in your ad?
  • Are your products/services easy to find on your website?
  • Think about what you want the customer to do. Include call to action.
  • Does your website encourage the customer to take action?

Why Does a Landing Page Matter? You may wonder if you even need a landing page. Is it mandatory? While it’s not something that you are required to do, you will gain more success with it. Below you will find some basic guidelines to follow to improve a landing page. You will find how to get the most optimal performance out of it.

  • Relevant and Original Content
  • Be sure your landing page is relevant to the keyword and ad text on your website. Provide information content on your landing page on what you’re advertising. Be sure to offer content that is unique to your website.
  • Trustworthiness and Transparency
  • You must make it easy for your visitors to find contact information. If you must know personal information, be sure to make it known why you need it (some visitors may be turned off by entering unnecessary personal information). Share information about your business when necessary.
  • Easy to Navigate

Make the information easily accessible; visitors don’t want to hunt around for information. Make it as simple and quick as possible for visitors to order your service/product. Avoid pop-ups and other features that would annoy the customer. Landing Page Loading Time Be sure your website doesn’t take too long to load once someone clicks on your ad. If your website is slow, they may give up and find the product/service elsewhere. A slow loading time can drop your Ad Rank down.

  • Be sure your landing page loads fairly quick when someone clicks on your ad (both mobile and desktop).
  • Assist customers with finding what they need.
  • Utilize “PageSpeed Insights” to view the measure of your performance.