Our SEO Approach

iSynergi’s approach to successful SEO

SEO planning and strategy are the fundamental of the success of the SEO campaign.

01-Objectives & Opportunities Analysis
Our service start from assessing your current business and your website presence to assist you in generating more sales. Using our analysing tool, we will evaluate your current website optimisation and provide you the report on your current website conditions.
02-Market Place Analysis
One of our SEO strategies is analysing your competitors and your business industry. To ensure that your website can be optimised well, we will also conduct Search performance analysis and links analysis against your website.
03-SEO Keyword Analysis
By going through the Market place analysis, we know what people are searching for. During this phase, our consultant will provide you a list of targeted keywords phrase to choose that will bring relevant traffic to your website. However, if you do not have any keywords phrase to target, we will analyse the keywords and advise accordingly.
04-Website Analysis
To ensure that your customer find what they are looking for, our SEO team will review your main page and products/services page. Your account manager will provide advice on any necessary improvement on your website. Our goal is to ensure that the targeted keywords are linked to the most relevant landing page on your website.
05-On Page Optimisation
As part of the optimisation process, we will take care of all the tags or meta tags building in your website. This will ensure that the search engine knows what your pages are about.
06-Off Page Optimisation
During the optimisation periods, we will conduct our SEO link building strategies to increase your website rank on the Search engine. This process will be carried out continuously during your contract with us as your competitors will never stop to compete against your optimisation.
07-Reports & Statistics
During the Maintenance period, we will provide your monthly report on the keywords ranking/statistics. From this report, you will see the progress of all your chosen targeted keywords phrase.