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iSynergi’s search engine optimisation services help your company website to gain top ranking positions in Google search engine.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps to connect your business to potential new clients who search for you via the web. Having excellent products or services will be irrelevant if your potential new customers can’t find you amongst your direct competitors. SEO is the most cost-effective process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to your website from search engines via organic search results (SERPs). Melbourne based iSynergi’s SEO services assist websites to gain top ranking positions in search engines. With the correct SEO strategies implemented, our SEO company will aid in positioning your website to be ranked in the top 10 of Google search engines with relevant industry key words. This will position you as the industry leader and attract quality visitors to your site and gain business credibility (through organic search).

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Long term, industry leading search engine optimisation

Why SEO?

Based on search engine facts

  • Google search engine has been popularly used for any research on the internet
  • 80% of users click on the non-paid (PPC/ adwords) link in the result list
  • 90% of users browse on first page result only
  • Commit to a huge internet Market which has 16 million hits in Google Australia and 1.6 Billion global internet population
  • Gain credibility to be listed on main page


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Based on your business perspectives

Better Return
Better Return of Investment (Cost effective) SEO provides more cost effective ways to advertise your business compare to other advertision media. It is available 24/7 to everyone with no additional cost. typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.
More Effective
More effective advertising Comparing to other advertising media, it has been proven that internet marketing will have the most number of users. And most internet users will undergo online research before making a purchase.
Sales Increase
Potential customers to increase sales Most people will actively find the products/services on the internet. SEO increases the number of traffics to your website based on the keywords searched that describe your product and services. Thus, it will lead you to your potential customer who visits your website.

Our SEO Approach

SEO Planning and Strategy are the fundamental of the success of the SEO campaign.

SEO Packages

isynergi offers affordable and competitive SEO packages for small to medium size companies to get into digital / online marketing space.