Search Engine Marketing (PPC) Melbourne

PPC Advertising Agency Melbourne

iSynergi, one of the leading Search Engine Marketing(PPC) Agency, expert in Google AdWords Management or Pay Per Click helps businesses to gain online presence.

Getting more and more businesses are using Search Engine Marketing to increase their website traffics and online sales. One of the reason is they get ranking straight away on top of Google Search results after 48 hours. Search Engine Marketing for example Pay Per Click or Google AdWords PPC is becoming one of the best and common tools for local businesses today. Advertising in Google has becoming a must have in today business to compete with your competitor. You not only gain traffics to your website but also increase your credibility as it targets hundreds of keywords and you only pay when someone click on the Ads. Many business owners create and run their own Google AdWords PPC campaign but according to statistic most of them fail to achieve the best result of the money they spent. Base on our experience, we manage to save up to 50% of the PPC cost and increase up to 300% revenue for managing the AdWords/ PPC campaign for our customer. As you may find running a PPC / AdWords campaign is easy but running an effective PPC campaign required a lot of efforts, experience and knowledge. In iSynergi, we treat your business like us, we have the expertise to achieve the optimal results.

  • Provide keywords research tailor to your industry and use the right keywords strategy to meet your budget.
  • Provide Google Ads Text that catch customers attention.
  • We use dynamic keyword insertion for large-scale campaigns. This refers to the automatic insertion of the search term used by the search engine user in the ad copy so as to have the ability to specifically target a great variety of searches.
  • Set the geographic zone to target the right people in the right area.
  • We set Ads scheduling to allow the ads to show on specific time frame to target the right people, the right time.
  • We added Negative keyword regularly to avoid some unnecessary wasted click that irrelevant to your targeted keywords.
  • We constantly looking for new keywords, new ads copy that helps better click through rates and conversions to improve the overall performance of the Ads.
  • A dedicated accounts manager is assigned for your Google AdWords PPC campaign, he/ she provides updates on the monthly basis.