Remarketing; a Brief Introduction

A Brief Introduction

One Visit Isn’t Always Enough When a visitor browses through your website, it may be rare to find someone who will purchase their first time. Thankfully, that’s where remarketing comes in. With this option, you have a second chance at making a long-term customer/sale.

Remarketing is an efficient way to show ads to visitors of your website, or even to those who have used your mobile app. If someone were to leave your website without purchasing anything, remarketing is a tool that will help you reconnect with them. You can do this by showing similar ads when they browse the web, search Google, or even when they use mobile apps.

Options to Remarket With Google Dynamic Remarketing – Show dynamic ads to visitors who went to your website in the past. Show services and products they have views on your website. You can do this while they browse display network websites, as well as using apps. Standard Marketing – While your past visitors use display network apps and websites, show ads to them.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads – When your past visitors do follow-up searches for products/services they need, after leaving your website, you can show them ads. Remarketing Lists for Mobile Apps – Bring ads to those who have viewed you mobile website or app when they browse other apps and websites. Video Marketing – If someone had went to your website and watched your YouTube videos, but then they leave the website to watch other videos, search other websites – you can show them ads, trying to bring them back to your website. Why Should You Remarket? Are you trying to drive sales activity? Promote awareness of a brand or increase registrations? When you take advantage of remarketing, it can be an efficient component when it comes to advertising. It doesn’t matter what type of advertiser you are; it can drive investment for your company.