iSynergi: No.1 Global Service Partner

iSynergi: No.1 Global Service Partner for

iSynergi Solutions was established in 2011 with the purpose of delivering high-quality digital marketing services across both Australia and New Zealand. We have been the Official Australian Global Service Partner for Alibaba since January 2016, and despite Alibaba having over fourty global service partners around the world, within 8 months we became the No. 1 Partner for August, September and Alibaba Financial period Quarter 2 ended 30 September 2016. Through our expertise, we have managed to help Australian exporters surpass countries that are more reliant on exporting, such as Singapore, South Korea and Germany.

iSynergi: No.1 Global Service Partner for Alibaba

eCommerce is one of the fastest growing markets in the 21st Century. With appropriate and efficient use of eCommerce platforms such as, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have the capacity to exponentially increase their online sales. According to the 2016 Sensis eBusiness Report, 54% of Australia’s SMEs are using eCommerce to drive growth, and for those using it, online sales have grown from 32% to 43% of their total sales over the past four years.

A critical factor of this rapidly growing trade system is the ability to overcome geographical limitations and attract new customers with high international visibility. Furthermore, these platforms provide a competitive advantage over businesses not affiliated with them, deriving from how there is less use of resources for daily operations and marketing. E-commerce platforms such as, therefore, allows for an expected return on investment within the first twelve months.

Internationally, the online platform has gained immense influence on Internet sales figures. It has over 100 million users in 240 countries. Based on the statistics, the most enquiries received by Australian Gold Suppliers came from; China, India, United States of America, Pakistan, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK and Malaysia. Whereas the top 10 industries which receive enquiries include: Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Beauty & Personal Care, Apparel, Machinery, Construction & Real Estate, Minerals & Metallurgy, Health & Medical, Automobiles & Motorcycles, Home & Garden.

The enquiries for overseas gold suppliers, however, still fall behind in comparison to Chinese gold suppliers. One of the main reasons for this lies with the inability for users to embrace the full potential of the platform due to both a lack of knowledge and training on how to use to optimise campaigning of their business.

Here at iSynergi Solutions, having a deep understanding and training from Alibaba headquarters, we can help you develop your online presence and get more international visibility. Our mission is to help Australian businesses to success by making sure they are maximising the potential of E-Commerce platforms such as Nature Pacific are an example of one of our success stories. We have helped them use the platform to sell their coconut oil products to buyers all over the world, increasing their exposure within Alibaba by over three times since starting with us.

With the wide range of services offered, this is an opportunity for businesses to take advantage of this growing market. For case studies , more information, please contact us at 1800 778 688 or email: