Nowadays, with the accumulation of massive market information and data, consumers have begun to feel the pressure of information overload.

Traditional (initiated by brand companies) advertising is no longer effective for younger generations. They are more willing to make their own purchase decisions independently or with reference to peers. The relationship between brands and consumers has changed qualitatively.

What is KOL

What is KOL

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), we also call them “influencers” has play an important role in today’s digital marketing environment. They are:


  • Individuals or organizations with specialized product knowledge and influence in their respective fields.
  • Trusted by relevant interest groups and have a significant impact on consumer behavior.
  • Usually has a more direct relationship with its audience (compared to celebrity brand ambassadors), to share new product recommendations.

KOL in Chinese Digital Marketing

The valuation of Chinese online KOL market was estimated at more than $8 billion in 2016. Promoting via KOL is the most effective way for brands to increase the sales. KOLs are active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Weibo and WeChat, providing new content for their large fan bases. Compared to celebrity branding, working with KOLs reduces costs and is often more accessible to consumers.

KOL in Chinese Digital Marketing

In 2016, the cosmetics company Lily&Beauty made a sensation with the first advertisement of Papi(a famous KOL in China) with a price of 22 million. After the auction, the popularity of Lily&Beauty has skyrocketed, and the search index on Baidu has risen from 320 to 14520.

China Influencers Marketing Full-Service Agency in Melbourne
China KOL Marketing Full-Service Agency in Australia

KOL Chonny used Weibo live broadcast to promote Slimright. The number of viewers reached 2.39 million, and the number of comments reached 12,000. Sales for the first time within 24 hours reached 3,635, accumulated sales reached 18,475.

You might think, okay, we all know the importance of influencers, but it is getting more and more expensive to promote via them. Take it easy friends, that is why you need iSynergi, if you are thinking of the input-output of KOL, that’s because you currently don’t have the right channel and enough information to better useeach of your pennies.

Our Solution to Make KOL More Efficient

There are millions of influencers in China today whose content covered basically the all field, in which the most popular fields including food and cosmetic. It is hard for the brand to identify which one fitted for them and will cost least. With many years experiences and the professional research team in both China and Australia, iSynergi can give the effective strategies to corporate with the social influencers.It could help the brands to save cost and build a great reputation among both Australia and Chinese consumers.

Marketing Solution to Make KOL More Efficient

In 2017, Aspect corporate with iSynergi to promote their new product. By doing deeply research and analysis, iSynergi has found two suitable influencers on Instagram to promote it in Australia, besides iSynergi helps Aspect go into China with success.

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