Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Search Ranking

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Google recently mentioned that the will be adding mobile-friendly factors to search results. This officially came out on April 21st, 2015. Google had been experimenting prior to any type of announcement; so many people knew something like this was going to take place. Useable and Readable Content Some smartphones have issues when it comes to viewing different websites. Sometimes the content is too wide and they can’t read the whole thing. One part of the mobile-friendly is that it will properly adjust zooming, as well as swiping, to make it simplified. Google has fixed the java script. How to Make a Mobile-Friendly Website There are three ways that you can make your own mobile-friendly website that connects to your desktop website.

  • Responsive Web Design – This is where you have the same website, but it may look slightly different depending on which type of mobile device you use.
  • Dynamic Serving – This is where you are serving different types of content for you website.
  • Separate Mobile Site – This option is for when you can’t use a certain website for a while, such as financial reasons, etc. This is where you can set up a parallel site.

Content and URL Changes Depending on which option you use when you make your own mobile-friendly website, there may be URL and content changes. Your URL will stay the same for Responsive Web Design and for Dynamic Web Design. Your HTML will stay the same only for Responsive Web Design. How Visitors See Your Page If you are curious to see how visitors see your page, you can view In Chrome, PageSpeed Insights, Webmaster Tools “Fetch and Render”, and Mobile Usability. With these options, you will be able to see if anything needs to be changed so visitors can get the full benefit when they view your page. Check Your Speed If you are creating a mobile-friendly website, be sure to check your speed factors. You want to be sure that the webpage will load within a decent timeframe on a smartphone. Keep in mind that a webpage on a desktop is going to load a lot faster than on a smartphone.

However, if it loads too slowly, your viewers are going to find a different website. Gain More Viewers More people are using smartphones to access websites. If you don’t make a mobile-friendly website, you may gain some discouraged viewers, and they will find similar content through another website. Utilizing mobile-friendly is a good investment of your time to bring in even more traffic. There are 61% of mobile device users are less likely to re-visit a mobile site that they encountered an issue with. There are 40% of mobile device users who said they would use a competitor’s mobile site instead. By knowing these statistics, it is worthwhile to invest some time into making a mobile-friendly website.