Alibaba Head office Executive e-Commerce Training Program Invitation


Sun., 06/08/2017, 5:00 pm –
Wed., 09/08/2017, 5:00 pm
China Standard Time China (Shanghai) Time


969 West Wen Yi Road
Hang Zhou, Hangzhou 311121

Do you want to reach one of the biggest B2B and B2C platforms? Do you want to understand and learn about Alibaba’s culture and discover secret of Alibaba’s management? Do you want to understand the history of Alibaba and Jack Ma?

This intensive business case-study trip will help you achieve all these goals!

  1. Learn the secret of e-business for B2B/B2C platforms, Alibaba’s management, and Alibaba’s culture.
  2. Learn how to use internet thinking to improve your business.
  3. Visit both the Alibaba B2B and B2C campuses and have a memorable trip to Hangzhou, and enjoy the beautiful scenery there in spring.
  4. Learn about Business Model Innovation through e-Commerce system integration
  5. Develop linkage with successful Chinese enterprises, share experience and mutual learnings

On behalf of Alibaba, you have been invited to this event. iSynergi is jointly working with the HQ of Alibaba for the executive e-Commerce training program in Hangzhou, China. SMEs in Australia are invited to the head office of Alibaba, who will receive a comprehensive training and learn about Alibaba through the 4 Days 3 Nights training program.

In March 2017, 17 Australian businesses embarked on a journey to Alibaba’s global headquarters in Hangzhou, China. They learned how to engage with one of the biggest B2B & B2C platforms in the world. Knowing, touching, and discovering the depths of Alibaba – Alibaba’s management secrets were revealed as the main reason contributing to its success today. This is the Alibaba Dream Trip 2017. Click here for the last trip video highlight.

Enjoying the beautiful summer weather in Hangzhou, you can grasp the key points to success, using the internet or e-commerce to achieve your business growth goals.

In February 2016, Alibaba Group opened a new office in Melbourne, serving as the headquarters for Alibaba operations in Australia and New Zealand. Here is the Alibaba Group Executive Chairman Jack Ma at the opening ceremony.

As Global Service Partner of in Australia and trusted partner of Alibaba Dream Trip, iSynergi has been appointed to promote this event for Alibaba.

Alibaba’s B2B headquarters:
Xixi campus, 969 West Wen Yi Road, Yu Hang

Alibaba’s B2C headquarters:
Binjiang campus, No.699 Wangshang Road, Binjiang

Questions & Answers:

1Q. Does the fee cover food and accommodation during the training program?

1A. Yes, the fee covers food and accommodation (twin share) including the transportation in Hangzhou. However, it doesn’t cover the airfare from Australia to Hangzhou.

2Q. If I am in China for a business trip and arrive one day early, can you book the hotel for me?

2A. Yes we can book the hotel for you one day before the training starts on 6th August.

3Q. Does the fee cover airport transfer from Hangzhou airport to Alibaba office?

3A. Yes it covers the airport transfer.

4Q. Do we get a certificate after the training program?

4A. Yes you get a certificate at the end of the training program.

5Q. What is the deadline to apply for this training?

5A. Applications for this training program must be received by 9th July, to allow time to arrange visa and flights.

6Q. What time does the program start on the first day 6th August?

6A. The program starts at 5pm on 6th August. We will meet in the hotel for opening ceremony and welcome dinner.

7Q. Can we leave early and not complete the entire training program?

7A. Yes you can. Please inform iSynergi or Alibaba of your plans when you arrive at Alibaba office.