About Us

iSynergi – Local & Chinese Digital Marketing Agency in Australia

Australia Global Service Partner of Alibaba.

iSynergi is a Melbourne based Chinese digital marketing agency founded in 2011 and an Official Alibaba.com Global Service Partner in Australia. iSynergi is specialising in Local digital marketing via Google SEO, SEM, China Digital Marketing and Cross border e-commerce eg. Tmall global, JD worldwide, VIP.com and Kaola.com. We pride themselves on a proven track record of achieving results, and a high level of customer service and satisfaction. Since January 2016, iSynergi has secured a partnership with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba to help Australian businesses create more export opportunities into China and the global market. iSynergi has recorded a major success working with Gold Coast based, Natural Pacific’s BANABAN Coconut products, to export globally through the Alibaba platform.

What We Offer

  • Local digital marketing
  • China digital marketing
  • Daigou marketing
  • KOL
  • Cross border e-commerce

We have passion for helping you succeed locally and China …

We all know China is a huge market with around 1.4 billion population and 430 millions middle class. The population of middle class is expected to grow to 780 millions by mid 2020.

iSynergi understands both local and China digital marketing. This is why we know why Australians find it hard to penetrate successfully to China market. There are number of ways or channels that can bring you success in China. At iSynergi, we will explain different approach and strategies to help you build your success to China whether is through cross border e-commerce, daigou, KOL or social media like Wechat.

When it comes to digital marketing, there is no shortcut. Proper planning & strategies are crucial steps to create a successful online marketing campaign. At iSynergi, we assist each client to the fullest to produce a maximum return of investment for our clients. Our fast turnaround time, friendly and experienced staff are just a few of our qualities that we have to establish relationships with our clients.

Planning & Strategy

Every customer is unique to us; there is no one solution for all. We love to meet and discuss what our clients want to achieve. Based on their current situation and expectation, we will come up with strategy that suits them.

Design & Develop

Once client agreed with the strategy, we will design a 12 months plan based on their budget, expectation and requirement. We will then implement them accordingly.

Reports & Statistic

Monthly reports are generated and sent to client every month. In the report, we include the monthly performance. Based on the data and statistics gathered, we will make adjustment accordingly.

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