Chinese Online Shoppers Shop differently

Do you know what Chinese Online Shoppers is looking for?

In the past decades, Chinese consumers’ shopping habits have been changed dramatically by e-commerce platforms. With the rise of income and the growing number of online shoppers, online shopping becomes a part of lifestyle in China and Chinese shopping habits continue to evolve today.

Young generation
The young generation after 1980 are the major player and heavy user in E-Commerce, which occupies for almost 80% of the total online shoppers. Their shopping habits are opposite to the old generation. They save less or barely save but spend most of their income on leisure activities such as shopping and entertainment. They see themselves as a modern citizen with strong shopping desire. Online shopping is a fashionable way to speak themselves out and it is all about lifestyle. The entire process of shopping or even window shopping is an entertaining experience, which is fun for them to dig online and find surprise.


Compared to the old generation who value price over all other factors, the young generation pursues new, original, and trendy products to distinguish their unique personality. Value and quality are the next two factors they consider. Due to their education background and the more open society, the young generation are more westernized and open-minded to new products. They are looking for uniqueness and individualism and favour the products with these features to enhance their personality.


Influencers and key opinion leaders are the critical elements to impact and change Chinese customers’ mind and behaviour. Influencers can be a real person or a leading blog/official account on Wechat run by a group of people in the specific industry. Online shoppers are willing to follow the guides or tips given by the influencers. In addition, they value peer reviews on the product and friends’ recommendation as well. User-generated content helps online buyers to learn more details about the products and build up trust for the brand. Online shoppers are easily encouraged and motivated by the opinion leaders and their peers for new products.