Alibaba dream trip in March 2017

Alibaba dream trip in March 2017

Australian entrepreneurs in Alibaba’s three days and nights

On March 19, Alibaba which is located in Hangzhou welcomed a group of Australian entrepreneurs, they crossed the sea, came to China from the southern hemisphere, without exception, for the Chinese e-commerce market with full of curiosity and desire.

In Alibaba, everyone pressed forward to take photos with the huge logo. Jia wei proudly took out his company’s banner and took a photo with Alibaba’s logo, full-length and then a bust. Lots of people sent photos to their families and friends with excitement, just to show off – Now, I am in Alibaba-the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce market, the Chinese internet giant.

Three days and nights of investigation and study in the headquarters of Alibaba was prepared by Alibaba B2B business organizations overseas suppliers and iSynergi, Australian partner of Alibaba. This trip was named “dream trip” since for Australian entrepreneurs, this trip starts their electronic commerce dreams not only in China, but to the whole world. Just like Alibaba’s slogan of the “make it easy to do business anywhere”

The market beyond imagination : Seeking for dreams in China

This batch of Australian entrepreneurs, most of them are founders of the industry are widely distributed, from maternal and child supplies, cosmetics, health products, wine and food to furniture equipment, almost covers all the present popular category of Australia. Before coming to the headquarters of Alibaba, their understanding of Alibaba is still in the “stereotype”.

Lots of Australian products are second to none in the world, certainly, Australian entrepreneurs are looking for the best market for their goods, “I think China is the most dynamic market.” Mike Davey, founder of the Spacepac industrial company which creates 688,000 annual output. Mike has aimed in the Chinese market for a long time, after this trip, he has strengthened his determination even more.

This is Jeff’s first time to Hangzhou, when asked him about Hangzhou’s impression, he chose an interesting word “huge” to describe, he believes there is no doubt that Hangzhou is an international metropolis, everything looks very big, full of imagination.

Wang from Darwin, Australia, moved to Australia since the age of 9, now has established the Hell Anty brand. She is one of the most active one in the class, “I’ve always wanted to return to the Chinese market.” London is the marketing director of Yass Valley, their ranch beef and mutton in Australia has a very good reputation. Yass Valley has been in preparation for brochure in Chinese, “Maybe two or three months later, you can buy our Yass on Tmall valley of beef and mutton.”

The electronic commerce : Shining Ali

Alibaba brought in $14.3 billion in total sales volume during China’s shopping holiday, Singles Day. The pace at which consumers were shopping this year was staggering, with sales exceeding $1 billion within eight minutes of Singles Day starting. When Alibaba lecturer talked about this number, the class of entrepreneurs exclaimed “god”, again and again to confirm if it is true. Singles Day this year was more than double the total e-commerce sales from Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday combined. The reason is Alibaba has lots of platforms, and each of them is very competitive. For example, Tmall international, has international brand 14500+, covering 63 countries and regions in the world, involving product category 3700 +. Three days training class, surprised and exclamation, never ceased.

From Melbourne, express one kilogram product valued $500 to Sydney in the next day, the cost is $26.1.In the similar case, it only cost $3 in China. June works in Smy international group in Australia, she eagerly wants to know now commercial trend and the most fashionable products in China. When she knows Chinese can buy everything on an app called Taobao, she said, “I know Alibaba is a very famous e-commerce business, but I don’t know it is as powerful as this before I came here.”

Attracting activities : A mixture of traditional culture and high-technology

Within three days touring, all the entrepreneurs visited every corner of the humongous industrial park. This park is about one hundred thousand square meters, not like the surrealism shows by the other high-tech companies, Alibaba’s buildings are full of traditional Chinese elements. In Alibaba’s industrial park, people feel like being in the scene of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, enjoy listening to the murmur of the little brook. Entrepreneurs learnt Taichi in Jet Li’s venue, rang the Ali bell and learnt practical skills such as the keyword search, background operation and so on. In the last night’s Case study, all entrepreneurs were divided into two groups, respectively discussed the ways of B2B and B2C entering the Chinese market, and finally most people approved a new method called B2B2C, firstly use looking for Chinese agent, then through a small B into the C terminal market.