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About iSynergi

iSynergi is a Chinese digital & ecommerce Specialist who provides entry strategies to Chinese market. We offer end-to-end solutions to effectively reach the Chinese consumers in China. As the official global Service Partner of Alibaba.com, we have the extensive promote channel both in China and Australia. The professional service and the multiple channels let us go beyond our clients’ expectations.

In iSynergi, we aim to provide assistant to our clients who want to build relationship with the Chinese consumers and help them enter into the Chinese market.

We are proud of our high-level service based on the most accurate research and the previous success experience. We deal with our client in a honest and direct way. No matter you are considering entering the China market with little or no knowledge about China, we can help!

Our Brands

Step 1: Mandatory Service

Review and assessment of your products to insure the legality in China. We offer:

- Market research

Step 2: Planning

Promote your brand to gain a great reputation in China. We offer:

- Trademark Registration
- Name your brand in Chinese
- EMDG and other government funding registration

Step 3: Testing

Set up suitable strategy. We offer:

- Brand positioning
- Marketing strategy
- Pricing strategy
- Chinese Collateral development

Step 4: Achieving

Manage and develop sales channels in China to achieve sales growth. We offer:

- Brand building & marketing
- Channel development and channel management
- Review and refine


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