Google: My Business

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Google has come out with a new tool that will help establish business. This is an efficient tool for those who can benefit from getting to know their customers. Google My Business allows you to use a dashboard so you can get to know your customers, as well as giving you the option to update your business and photos, as well as read reviews and comments from customers. How This Can Benefit Your Business Google My Business can benefit your business by giving you the ability to connect with your customers. Just about everyone is using social media, and it is a great promotional tool for business owners. You will be able to receive comments from customers, even regarding issues. Therefore, if an issue arises, you can address it quickly. You can easily update your business information, right from the dashboard. Control How You Show Up That’s right – You can control how your business shows up on Google.

You can make the info that you want others to see, public. Do you want to change the way your business appears on search, Google+, or even maps? You can do that with this new tool. Let Customers Know About You With Google My Business, you can easily manage your business, right from one spot. Let your customers know your location by making sure the information is up-to-date. Also, edit your hours so customers know when they can visit your business or contact you. Be sure you always have the right phone number on file for any questions or concerns.

Do you have any news you want to share with your customers? You can also update that information from this same spot as well. Engage Your Customers With this new tool, you can engage your customers by adding pictures and adding some reviews. Share with your customers what is best about your business. They will be engaged as you share photos and see that you are not just about making money, you are trying to connect. Your photos and reviews may even attract some new customers/followers, which will be beneficial to your business. Google My Business is a great option for business owners who are looking for convenience. Information regarding your business, as well as your customers could all be in one spot. Within 10 minutes, your business could be listed. It doesn’t matter if people are looking for you on Google+, maps, or even on Google search, your business will be front and center.