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iSynergi is a Global Partner of Alibaba and China digital & ecommerce specialist who provides China market entry strategies and offers end-to-end solutions to effectively reach the Chinese consumers in China.

It does not matter if you know little or even nothing about China, we can help you open Chinese market for your brands and products.

China Market Entry Strategy

Our Solutions

iSynergi has different strategy and solutions catering to brands’ China awareness

Our China Market Entry Strategy & Solutions

Our supplier model – B2B2C

Our China Market Entry Supplier Model

Our Pathway to Success in China

Pathway to Success in China Market

What we offer

Stage 1: China Entry Assessment

Review and assessment of your products to insure the legality in China

• Market research
• Regulatory Check
• Trademark Registration
• Chinese brand translation and naming
• EMDG and other government funding registration

Stage 2: China Entry Plan

Prepare strategy for China entry thus to ensure the right delivery direction for your products and brand in China.

• Brand positioning
• Marketing strategy
• Pricing strategy
• Chinese Collateral development

Stage 3: China Market Test

To test China marketwith sample stocksand trial orderdelivery to omnichannels

•Sample delivery and management
•Trial order with Omni Channels
•Trade show participation

Stage 4: Ongoing management

Manage and developsales channels inChina to achieve continuous sales growth

•Brand building and marketing
•Channel development and channel management
•Review and refine

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